About Innovative Plant Technology

Innovative Plant Technology are Australia and SE Asia’s leading advisors on workplace plant scapes, horticultural lighting for interior landscapes, skyscraper sky gardens and green walls, to major developers, real property and corporate facility managers, project managers, shopping centres, architects, landscape architects.


Manage even the most complex indoor landscape installation in multi- storey buildings through our structured framework PLIMA® (Plants. Light, Irrigation, Media, Air)..

Ensure a successful result for your projects, and maximum environmental impact, whether you’re designing a new CBD building, a high-rise or mega-tall tower, retro-fitting an existing building or shopping centre, whether the plants are in, on, under, or around the building, we support architects, landscape architects, project managers and ESD engineers.

The four critical elements that contribute to building performance and environmental protection are façade, air-conditioning, lighting and landscape.

Our experience and expertise with interior landscapes encompasses each of these elements.

The value proposition for all businesses is to focus on unique ways in which quality of life is improved for employees, tenants and customers. The key aspects common to all, are health and well-being, environmental amenities and economic paybacks. We help you to achieve these benefits.

Ronald A. Wood PhD BSc (UTS)

As the founder and co- director of Innovative Plant Technology Ronald is one of Australia’s leading horticultural advisors on workplace interior landscapes, horticultural lighting for interior landscapes, skyscraper sky gardens and green walls, to major building developers, shopping centres, real property and corporate facility managers, project managers, architects and landscape architects.

He has extensive experience in the use of plants in commercial spaces and advises on many projects locally and internationally. His commercial experience spans Australia, Canada, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States, He has co-authored Interior Landscapes: An American Design Portfolio of Green Environments with US based Boston landscape architect, Nelson Hammer ASLA, and contributed many book chapters in green building publications, as well as extensive journal articles. He is a frequent speaker at local and international tall building and environment conferences.

Ronald is an environmental scientist acknowledged internationally, for pioneering research over 20 years, into the role of plants in reducing air-borne volatile organic pollutants, for indoor air quality improvement.

Member, The Council for Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH)
Dr. Wood is acknowledged by The Council for Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat as a CTBUH Expert on horticultural issues in tall buildings.

(The “Ask a CTBUH Expert” feature involves an experienced discipline leader in the Council responding directly to a frequently-asked question).

Ronald A. Wood

Ronald A. Wood


Director, Innovative Plant Technology

Patricia Wood B. Fine Art (UNSW) / Co-Director

As a co-director of Innovative Plant Technology,Patricia has a deep knowledge of environmental issues, focusing on plants and trees in the indoor/outdoor landscape, water management and air quality.

She has advised on many commercial projects.

Professional Recognition

I would strongly recommend we bring on board Ronald Wood to assist in the installation. Ronald has an astounding level of expertise with plants in the indoor environment and will be a valuable component to the success of the project.

Dr. Alan Darlington

CEO of Nedlaw Living Wall Systems, Toronto, Canda

Ron was a most gracious host when I visited Australia on a speaking tour in 1992. His knowledge, creativity, and foresight helped make my trip not only a pleasure to experience, but it became an education for me as well. His role in the preparation of Interior Landscapes (my second book) was comprehensive to the point where it could not have been published without his input. Ron is one of the shining lights of interior landscaping industry, and the discipline owes a great debt to his involvement in it.‬

Nelson Hammer

ASLA / RLA, Co Founder of Hammer+Walsh Design Inc.

Ron, my friend and colleague, you have made major contributions toward determining the functions of interior plants in improving indoor air quality. Keep up the good work!

Dr. Bill Wolverton

NASA Pioneer Researcher on Plants and Air Quality

I can strongly recommend Ronald’s experience and expertise in the fields of Plant Design and Selection in difficult environments and in particular his understanding, appreciation and problem solving capability with respect to low light level situations and requirements for horticultural sustainability

Darrell McLean


Fujita may need support from Dr. Wood…because he is very familiar with EAP technology (Earth Air Purification)

Dr. Shunichi Kadota

President & CEO of Fujita Research Corporation, Japan

Ronald, Thank you so much for this valuable feedback and for taking the time to meet with Richard

Maria Atkinson

Executive Director of Green Building Council of Australia