A workplace example

Carefully chosen plants for the work environment have a material effect on occupant performance, that is ultimately reflected in the ‘bottom line.’

Success follows from the design concept that is based on space efficiency, corporate identity, churn, productivity, staff retention, and aesthetics.

Key Plant Species Selection

The range of plant species should be selected on the following criteria:

  • Performance in the indoor environment
  • Capacity to improve indoor air quality
  • Noise attenuation.
  • Mix of soothing green and inspirational colour
  • Elegant, attractive appearance

 Planter Placement

 The prime considerations for the location and space efficiency of planters and plants on various floors are from the above criteria and traffic flow, while enhancing the workspace environment.

Performance in the indoor environment

 Our choice of plant selection is based on effective performance in indoor environments, from practical experience, and formal laboratory and field research.

Other plant species can be selected according to design concepts or your personal choice.

Acknowledging that there are variations in light requirements for different species, due consideration of the available natural light should be given to the actual location of each species. It then can be determined if supplementary lighting is necessary.

Capacity to improve indoor air quality

 Our research in both laboratory and field shows that many species of indoor plants (some better than others) have the capacity to reduce and remove indoor air pollutants including volatile organic compounds (VOCs), dust and particulate matter.

To function effectively, plants need to receive sufficient light (natural or artificial) of the right spectrum to photosynthesize (ie. achieve a net positive growth rate.

The production of oxygen and associated reduction in carbon dioxide plays a valuable role in supplementing building ventilation/filtration.

Carbon dioxide levels complying with the current building code have been clearly demonstrated to have a measurable negative effect on building occupant performance, particularly in “taking initiative and thinking strategically.”

 Noise attenuation.

 Open plan offices have the potential for acoustic difficulties. Positioning taller plants in large containers in corners and edges helps to prevent sound waves from bouncing and vibrating.

Smaller selected plants, placed around individual workspaces minimizes, by diffusion, the amount of noise bouncing around.

Mix of soothing green and inspirational colour

 Research has shown that the colour of living green has a relaxing and soothing effect on our eyes. From close work, being able to look up towards living green foliage can have a very beneficial effect.

Splashes of colour can also provide visual relief and be inspirational, in bringing elements of nature into the work environment.

 Elegant, attractive appearance

 The careful selection of planter and plant achieves an elegant, attractive appearance to the office environment matching the importance of the work and supporting the occupants well being.

An indoor plantscape specialist on staff?


HOW TO AVOID COSTLY FAILURE – While protecting your client’s capital investment:

 You’ve designed a strikingly beautiful tall building, incorporating living greenery, green walls, atrium gardens and sky-rise gardens as a cost-effective way of presenting a user-friendly environment.

What will be the effect of failure, or worse still, partial failure, of any of these landscape elements?

 The perception of a building’s quality, ranking and performance can be influenced by the highly visible landscape design elements. Protecting the capital investment can be ensured by appropriate design, installation and effective landscape maintenance plans.

Engaging the leader in the field in indoor plantscapes as a consultant, whether the plants are in, on, under, or around the building is the first step.

Our PLIMA® systematic approach to design support, installation and maintenance is your assurance of success.

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