We know Ferrari does red extremely well, did you know they also do green extremely well

While we are contemplating “the workplace of the future” one workplace of the present is already achieving some of the major aspirations being canvassed for the future.

“Ferrari’s manufacturing campus — where workers wear red and white uniforms with yellow Ferrari logos — is unlike any other automotive plant in the world. The company has always made its own engines, reflecting Ferrari’s philosophy that the engine is the heart of the car. The campus consists of four buildings: engine assembly, body shop, paint shop and final assembly.”

Ferrari spokeswoman Daniela Levoni said the buildings and manufacturing process are designed to reflect a philosophy the company adopted about 15 years ago called “Formula One.”

“It means that we put the employee at the center of the factory,” she said, “and we try to create the best working conditions.”

Plants in the engine room

Trees and plants in the Ferrari engine works in Maranello, Italy, are used to manage humidity, clean the air and provide amenity for the workers on the factory floor.

There are two large areas for plants and small trees in the middle of the body shop. In the final assembly area there are doors that lead to an outdoor walkway that leads to another large garden. All the buildings have windows to provide natural light. Workers can leave their stations if they need to relax. There also is a high-end cafeteria for the employees.

Wellness and corporate care for employees

“The quality of our cars cannot be separated from the lives of the people working at the Ferrari plant. What keeps together the workers manual skill, their humanity, the work of those who carry out the processes and those who supervise them and the care they produce is the special care we take over the environment.”

Light, air, vegetation, relaxation areas, cleanliness, functionality and regulated temperatures contribute not only to the quality of work and life, but also to creativity and the excellence of the product. The architectural project is also accompanied by investments and programs aimed at improving safety at the workplace and environmental sustainability.”

Greening the workplace

“Over the past few years, further significant investment has been made to increase the green areas. These can be found both inside and out of the various factory buildings and today cover a surface area of 165,000 square metres. Aloe arborescens, buddleja blue and dianthus carthusianorum are just some of the hundreds of plant species than one can admire when strolling through the grounds of Maranello.

The engine assembly line features orange poppies, while the mechanical department has tropical lilies, gems of rare beauty that flower within the buildings. And that’s not all, with 25,000 flowerbeds, gardens and all sorts of trees, the Ferrari campus is an innovative workplace where people’s wellbeing and the quality of the working environment always come first”

Workplace evolution

Workplaces are constantly evolving to keep pace with technology, as we are able to monitor, control, and fine-tune every system. This allows for greater focus on the people.

Making the physical work environment more pleasant is a simple way to enhance communication, collaboration, flexibility and contribute to productivity.

Ferrari continue to demonstrate that making the physical work environment an attractive and pleasant place to be, adaptable to company workflows, contributes to their successful product, emphasizing the important role of trees and plants in the workplace of today as well as the workplace of tomorrow.

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