“Quiet please. I can’t hear myself think”.

Open plan offices are increasingly criticised for not providing a quiet place to work when needed. Hearing and being heard is essential for effective communication.

Appealing as it seems, sitting in a coffee shop with a laptop and phone is not the solution. The constant hub-bub of background noise is a major distraction as it can be in open plan office workspaces. Although enclosed areas for focused concentration are being included in open office design, often an unplanned need for a quiet place can arise with none available. Timing can be critical. Once distracted it can take 23 minutes for the average worker to regain concentration on a task.

Good Acoustics are vital.

Good office acoustics contribute to performance and well-being in the workplace. To support complex knowledge work, many people seek out quiet places. The ability to have planned or spontaneous interactions, without disturbing others, is important for teamwork and relationship development, and behavioral protocols all can make a difference. The two main approaches to help with the acoustical challenges in open work environments. and to minimize the adverse effects, are: sound absorbing materials and sound masking. Sound absorption can be through office layout, flooring materials, acoustic walls and ceilings.

Sound masking

In environments with white noise, or sound masking, employees report improvements of up to 38 percent for the performance of simple tasks and 27 percent for complex tasks. Sound masking is not the only way to reduce unwanted noise.

Sound dampening Indoor Plants

What if you could create your own quiet place for a one on one confidential meeting, or just because you need a quiet place to work?

Green plants have remarkable acoustic abilities, some better than others. Choosing the right plants in a planted arrangement can provide that privacy and quiet place as, and when, required.

Bushy green plants in high quality planters that have concealed castors, enables them to be arranged quickly for privacy and sound dampening. Within the range of benefits that living green plants bring to the workplace, sound dampening is often overlooked, et properly designed, is a simple, cost-effective way of improving the wellness factor for building occupants.

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