Ideas and insights in support of the greater use of plants in buildings for health and wellbeing

Biophilia, Biology and the Workplace

The value in getting it right: Wellness; Biophilia; Indoor Air Quality; Indoor Plants. It’s all coming together, with increasing recognition of the valuable role of plants in the need to create the ideal workplace. Employees want their work environment to feel more...

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An architect & engineers guide to living green plants

In response to numerous questions from architects and engineers (who are generally wary of specifying or managing biological systems), this brief list was prepared by me in 1989. Fortunately times change, and building designs and fit-outs are focussed on building...

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The future of work: Workplace design trends

Silicon Valley and the technology industry generally leads the way in shaping workplace design practices and culture, with the focus on the well being of its people. As the opportunity arises, forward – looking companies are increasingly adopting this approach, (but...

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10 reasons for creating gardens in the sky

MAKING THE PITCH FOR GREEN The value of atrium gardens, sky-gardens and vertical gardens extends beyond aesthetics. Interior landscapes make buildings attractive and pleasant for people, while contributing to the economic viability, financial success and higher market...

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