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What We Do | Interior Landscape Solutions

We ensure successful results for your projects, and maximum environmental impact, whether you’re designing a new CBD building, a high-rise or mega-tall tower, retro-fitting an existing building or shopping centre, whether the plants are in, on, under, or around the building, we support architects, landscape architects, project managers and ESD engineers.

How We Do It

IPT has developed a structured framework PLIMA® to manage even the most complex indoor plant installations. We address your issues in a systematic way to maximise the impact of the installation and minimise risk of plant failure.

PLIMA® | The Basis for Design, Installation and Management of Indoor Plant Installations


Why We Do It

Innovative Plant Technology (IPT) are specialist B2B advisors on Interior landscapes, indoor plant lighting, indoor air quality and building wellness that help building owners to improve profitability by making buildings attractive and pleasant for people, while contributing to the economic viability, financial success and higher market values of commercial buildings.