We helped Umow – Lai Consulting Engineers to improve their office building indoor air quality –


  • Occupying two floors of a new building
  • New office fit-out

Outcome required

  • High quality indoor air free of contaminants
  • Indoor air quality to contribute to sustainability, health and wellness of employees
  • Trouble free long term performance

Action Taken

We advised on all aspects of the design, installation and maintenance requirements for five dynamic botanical air filters installed in the offices of Umow Lai – Consulting Engineers, Melbourne.

The desired result was achieved using our developed system PLIMA®

Performance metrics

After two years of continuous operation, independent testing found:

  • high quality filtered air
  • low levels of VOCs (at or below detection limits)
  • very low microbial count, lower than the outside air.
  • overall 13% improvement in office productivity
  • botanical air filtration avoids additional airflow from increased ventilation, saving as much as 30% of the total energy use.
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